Enspire Magazine – ‘The Power Of The Perfect Lip’

February 13th 2020


Ashley Peterson sits down with Enspire magazine to discuss how she plans to leverage her beauty brand, Elizabella Cosmetics, to empower women. 

“Elizabella Cosmetics strives to break the stigma of beauty standards, as the only standard of beauty is your own. A luxury lipstick line created with a mantra to remind you of your vivaciousness and uplifting your inner confidence, while still serving individuality.”

She also discusses her philanthropic mission with Enspire

“Part of the philanthropic goals of the company (are) to extend a portion of the proceeds to women empowerment programs and initiatives. Elizabella Cosmetics has launched those efforts by partnering with businesses and trade events spearheaded by women.’

“Ashley Peterson, the creator, and founder of Elizabella Cosmetics has always held a passion for makeup and the beauty industry. With influence from her mother’s entrepreneurial background and industry experience, Ashley’s passion for cosmetics grew from childhood into adulthood.”

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